About Us

About us

This section of the website tells you all about us – what we do, why we do it and what we have done so far.
Mission Statement

Our mission is to enable children and young people in Wales to get their voices heard by Government and others who make decisions about policies and services that affect their lives.

How we achieve this:

  1. Through involvement with the Grand Council, young people across Wales have their voices heard at a national level, through their elected representatives
  2. Develop the skills & capacity of young people involved with Funky Dragon; empowering them to speak out
  3. Promote children & young people’s collective participation
  4. To engage young people with organisations & key decision-makers to create dialogue
  5. Facilitate the involvement of children & young people in the monitoring & reporting process of the UNCRC; holding duty bearers to account
  6. Promote the involvement of children (i.e. under 11’s) in decision making at a local & national level