Should You Pay The Tax in US After Winning Gambling Lotteries?

Recently, gambling online has become legal in US though it is only in several states but many people want to know how much they have to win to pay the tax. Recently, online casino has become legal in US though it is limited to several states only. However, it is the good improvement because back then, there were so many gambling companies that withdrew themselves from gambling world because of UIGEA. However, now some US residents in certain states can access the gambling lotteries  easily. But some of them are still scared because they want to know how much they should win so they can pay the US tax.

Players Need to Pay the Tax After Winning The Gambling Lotteries

Making money in gambling lotteries is definitely one of American Dreams because people can be rich without working so hard. However, you need to know that any winning money you have got from gambling in US is taxable income by IRS. The income from gambling doesn’t only include the casino and card games. It includes your winnings from any games considered as gambling such as bingo lotteries, game shows even the racetracks or sportsbook. All games will make you pay the tax.

In gambling income, there are some special rules applied and also the very strict requirements of record keeping that has tp be adhered to. But you are able to deduct the gambling losses in several cases. The good way to know about it is thinking that income of gambling is always the taxable income including the value of fair market along with the cash of any item you have won. Winners should report all of their proceeds of gambling by law on the federal income of tax returns.

The players will get one or maybe more of “Form W-2G” depending on the winning amount you have got from agen judi togel online. You need to use the form to report the winning amount as well as the tax amount that is withheld before, if applicable. The players need the forms so they can prepare for the tax return. It means, they should remember and never forget to report the gambling winnings otherwise, they can get problem. The winning of gambling on table games and also slots more than $1,200 are subject to the flat about 25% of the tax generally.

The Calculation of Gambling Lotteries Tax in US

In the following, any winning of gambling lotteries more than $5,000 are subject to the tax of income withholding:

  • Any other bet if the proceeds are about 300 times at least from the betting amount
  • Any sweepstakes and wagering pool including your winning in poker or lotteries

If you win the non-cash prize such as vacation tickets or car, then you are also responsible to pay the tax on the prize’s market value. The player can be asked to withhold the income taxes depending on the amount he has won. Generally, about 25% of the amount is needed to be withheld. However in several cases, about 28% of the amount is needed instead. If the tax is withheld from the winning of gambling then, you will get the form of W2-G. All regulated and legalized online casinos in Delaware and New Jersey are obliged to report any single slot winning or jackpot more than $1,200.

In the state of New Jersey, all winnings are the subject to Gross Income Tax of New Jersey. The players have to substantiate the losses in gambling at online casinos to offset the winnings they must report on the tax return annually. When you talk about online poker, then there are two methods to declare the taxes. Some players may enter their income under the miscellaneous income. However, the player with winning history can register as the pro players. The form of schedule C tax will come to the play which is the same form of tax used by the owners of self-employed business.

If you want to know more about tax information of gambling lotteries, then you can go to the IRS homepage so you know how much you must pay according to the winning. However, you don’t have to feel burdened because of the tax and you forget about the excitement of gambling in your life. You just need to enjoy the game and fight to get your victory. However, when you win the game, you need to make sure to remember the amount and you just have to pay the tax because this is your responsibility as the citizen of US since tax will be used for improving the country itself.